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The Last Podcast is a field recordings-based, post-modern-ish podcast from Zac Little.
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Nov 22, 2016

In today's episode, we talk about the some of the feature-length narrative films and documentaries we saw at the festival, and also chat about like, the overall vibe. Movies discussed at relative length include THE ARCHITECT, MA, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, WIENER DOG, THE CINEMA TRAVELERS, and A WOMAN, A PART. We talk with festival goers and friends, actress Rae Dawn Chong (Jeff, Who Lives At Home), and the co-director of the excellent THE CINEMA TRAVELERS, Shirley Abraham. This episode features music by Zac and Christy Little, as well as Desparecidos and Fiona Apple. 

That's going to be the end of Season 2, folks. Thanks so much for all of your emotional and financial support. We have a lot of really awesome ideas for new episodes but it's going to take a while to put them together. I hope to have at least one more little thing before the end of the year, though. 

Good luck out there. Be good to each other. We'll be back soon. 

Nov 15, 2016

The New Hampshire Film Festival took place in October, and The Last Podcast team (me and Christy--Shosh was with her grandparents) was there to capture it all. This episode features conversations with festival-goers and filmmakers and was recorded entirely October 13-16. 

We discuss a lot of short films in this episode, and you don't need to have seen them to follow along--most of what we talk about pertains to filmmaking in general, and the examples don't really matter. But we have a long chat with the director Josh Peterson, and you can view the trailer for his film Forest Born here:

Other films we touch on include:

Crest Of The Hill, which you can watch in full here:

Confessions Of A Cannabis Consultant--teaser here:

I'll try to post a complete guide to the episode at

We also discuss Food Fight and Peter And The Farm--two feature length documentaries. Peter And The Farm is available on VOD now. 

This episode features music by me and Christy, and also a little from Joanna Newsom, and features the voices of a lot of people, including our old friend Dan Freund and the director Shirley Abraham, who we will hear more from next week. 

Plus we'll talk about this fucking election, and where the podcast goes from here.