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Nov 22, 2016

In today's episode, we talk about the some of the feature-length narrative films and documentaries we saw at the festival, and also chat about like, the overall vibe. Movies discussed at relative length include THE ARCHITECT, MA, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, WIENER DOG, THE CINEMA TRAVELERS, and A WOMAN, A PART. We talk with festival goers and friends, actress Rae Dawn Chong (Jeff, Who Lives At Home), and the co-director of the excellent THE CINEMA TRAVELERS, Shirley Abraham. This episode features music by Zac and Christy Little, as well as Desparecidos and Fiona Apple. 

That's going to be the end of Season 2, folks. Thanks so much for all of your emotional and financial support. We have a lot of really awesome ideas for new episodes but it's going to take a while to put them together. I hope to have at least one more little thing before the end of the year, though. 

Good luck out there. Be good to each other. We'll be back soon. 

Nov 15, 2016

The New Hampshire Film Festival took place in October, and The Last Podcast team (me and Christy--Shosh was with her grandparents) was there to capture it all. This episode features conversations with festival-goers and filmmakers and was recorded entirely October 13-16. 

We discuss a lot of short films in this episode, and you don't need to have seen them to follow along--most of what we talk about pertains to filmmaking in general, and the examples don't really matter. But we have a long chat with the director Josh Peterson, and you can view the trailer for his film Forest Born here:

Other films we touch on include:

Crest Of The Hill, which you can watch in full here:

Confessions Of A Cannabis Consultant--teaser here:

I'll try to post a complete guide to the episode at

We also discuss Food Fight and Peter And The Farm--two feature length documentaries. Peter And The Farm is available on VOD now. 

This episode features music by me and Christy, and also a little from Joanna Newsom, and features the voices of a lot of people, including our old friend Dan Freund and the director Shirley Abraham, who we will hear more from next week. 

Plus we'll talk about this fucking election, and where the podcast goes from here. 

Oct 11, 2016

The encyclopedic, comprehensive subpodcast about America's favorite non-Canadian (technically) rock band is back, with your hosts Little and Little! Today they fiercely debate Neon Bible, as well as discuss Chance The Rapper, the films of Guy Ritchie, the merits of the mid-aughts-era athiest aesthetic,, and more! Plus Zac counts down his top ten Arcade Fire songs, and they're not quite as alienating and hipster-y as you'd assume! Ready to start? OK, well push play, then!

Oct 4, 2016

The last few episodes have had a lot of conversation and not a lot of solo Zac chatter. This episode is the opposite of that. It's kind of just one big closing monologue for this current batch of episodes, a.k.a Season 2.5. It covers a lot of ground, including:

Mad Men, David Rees, Experimental French writers, books about 90s screenwriters, the internet, videogames, knowing someone versus understanding them, Chopped, Roald Dahl, and more. 

It features music from Cat Power, Devendra Banhart and Drake, as well as a clip from The West Wing Weekly which itself includes a clip from The West Wing [Inception horn noise]. It features the voices of Max Wallace and Jake McKay. 

Come back next week for a two-hour episode of "Are Ye Talkin' Arcade Fire In May?"

Sep 28, 2016

Hi! The next episode of the show isn't done yet, so here's some stuff I recorded last night while watching the debate! Have a good week!

Sep 20, 2016

Notebooks versus computers! Mike Daisey! Donald Trump! Brexit! Elitism in art! Today's episode, in a lot of ways, is about the limits and consequences of the truth. It features Paul Neafcy and Leslie Datsis, and the opening monologue (which isn't quite at the opening, because I am a rebel) is basically a Rock and Sock and Robot episode--if you are familiar. Thanks for listening. Hey, write a review on iTunes sometime, why don't you? I'd like that a lot! 

Sep 13, 2016

Today on The Last Podcast, we talk with Paul Neafcy, Jake McKay, and Max Wallace about art, nostalgia, studio pressure, Donald Trump, Fantastic Four, Back To The Future, Fight Club, and books. Plus: my favorite novels, and some stuff about David Foster Wallace. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the new PHO record, especially Delia. Thanks, Delia! Have a good week, everybody. 

Sep 6, 2016

Big ep today! We've got D.C.'s Leslie Datsis, Hollywood's Jake McKay, Europe's Ryan O'Connor, and Mary Akemon, who swears allegiance to no land. Plus, Paul Neafcy at the top, and DC Nahm (Ancient Oceans Of Central Kentucky) with a benediction at the close. Thanks for listening and for tweeting about this show to famous people. Thanks also to Christy Little for reminding me to upload this episode!

Aug 30, 2016

And we're back! First of all--tip of the hat to @Swandaaa, who I think once suggested a topic that informed the top of today's show. Another tip of the same hat to Anton Bykov, who plays the drums from time to time in this episode. 

Today's episode is generally about myth and memory, writing and fiction, and you know, the usual creative struggle and frustrations therein. We go behind the scenes of the writing process of JACK AND DEAN OF ALL TRADES. We discuss the speed with which comedy ages into the problematic zone. We talk to Ryan O'Connor about which celebrities cross the pond and which ones do not. A lot more happens after that!

If you want to support this show, a good thing to do is to write a review or rate it on iTunes. Another thing to do is buy one of my records at New one coming soon, featuring a lot of the sounds featured in this episode. Another good thing to do is share this show with like-minded people. Do it up! Thanks to all who have helped so far. 

Jun 21, 2016

I'd have called this episode DIGITAL ASH IN A DIGITAL URN if the title hadn't already been taken. Technology! Change! Growing up! It's all covered in today's episode. We talk to Jon Pernisek about food podcasts that don't exist, and to Mary Akemon about an ethnography of YouTube. We talk digital transition with Max Wallace, and white noise mashups with Christy Little. Along the way, Zac accidentally drives around for a week with a car full of scrap metal, aimlessly pokes around his DVD cabinet looking for meaning, and goes to funerals! 

THANK YOU all for listening, and for the kind words some of you send my way. It is the best thing. It makes me very happy. More episodes are coming soon, though probably not next week! XOXO -ZL

Jun 14, 2016

Welcome to The Last Podcast! In today's episode, we talk about mortality. And the power of music! Today's episode features Mary Akemon, Max Wallace, and the author David Connerley Nahm. 

Topics include:

Melodies that transcend sketch comedy

Advice for (not) starting a band

Songs with twists

Punk rock in skate videos

Director/musician comparisons

How Blink 182 relates to 9/11 in my personal history

New episode next week!


Jun 7, 2016

Good morning! Today's episode is about heroes, or role models, or prank comedians, or what have you. It features the voices of Jon Pernisek, Max Wallace, and Ryan O'Connor. (Apologies to Mary Akemon, who we will hear from in the next few weeks instead.) If you like this show, one way to support it is to buy something on, like the Pinch Hill Orchestra's new EP, which costs 1 dollar. I'm going to put it up for sale as soon as I post this episode. OK! Thanks for listening!

May 22, 2016

New episode! I hope this one doesn't also show as posting last Sunday! It's Movies, part 2! Today we talk about: the passing of Prince, the power of cinema, the merits of bad movies, the limits of enthusiasm and inspiration, loneliness, anxiety, Charlie Kaufman, the concept of non-obvious favorites, baby's first weird movie, and more. This episode features Ryan O'Connor, Max Wallace, Chelsea Fisher, and Jon Pernisek. Hey, those are the same people from last week! We may hear from them, along with some new voices, next week. 

To support this show, but stuff at More stuff coming up on there soon!

Rate this show on iTunes! Favorably! And write reviews! Thanks!

May 22, 2016

We're back! Today's episode is about WORK. It features Chelsea Fisher, Jon Pernisek, Ryan O'Connor, and Max Wallace. Topics include: jobs we have had, work vs. creativity, staying sane at a grocery store, the merits of vaping, movie marathons, taking notes, reader analysis, and more. 

Please rate this podcast on iTunes, or wherever, and tell other people to listen to it. Influential famous people and/or employees at, if possible!

May 3, 2016

Hey everybody! So TLPZL Season 2 is still in progress! Lots of irons in the fire, lots of audio being edited. But in the meantime, Morgan and I recorded something special for you all last night, and here it is! It's episode 1 of our comprehensive, encyclopedic, May-only show about Arcade Fire. It's the only show where you will hear about such things as: The members of the band, Canadian colleges, thoughts on Kanye West, thoughts on money, and many other things! Hope you enjoy it. New normal episodes soon!

Mar 8, 2016

Today's episode features a lot of voices, but mostly mine. It's a story about what has been going on for pretty much the entire time I've been working on and releasing this podcast. In my mind, the unspoken star of the episode is our in-house organist, Morgan Little, who really tied this episode together. Special thanks to him, and to you, for sticking with this show for eight weeks. I'm really not used to working in such a long format with such regularity, and I hope you have enjoyed it so far. Have a good day. -ZL

Feb 22, 2016

"Oh god, are we going meta already?" - You. 

Only a little. Don't worry. 

Today on TLP, we talk about podcasts, and creativity, and the struggle to feel as though your art is worthwhile and has a place that makes sense in the context of history. Kinda heavy, right? There are jokes and stuff, too. But I have no illusions about the audience of this podcast. You are mostly creative people, and you understand creative struggles, and I hope that some of this is not only helpful to you but also can be maybe part of a longer conversation, facilitated by this podcast, as we proceed and go further and further up our own butts.

A person with whom I have vented about creative struggles for years is the talented and generous Jonathon Pernisek, and he is our guest for the majority of today's episode. I have a lot more stuff recorded with him, and probably will want to talk to him again soon anyway, so expect to hear more from him. And if you live in Chicago, go to his live show this Saturday! Tell him old Zacky sent you!

I'm writing a lot for someone who only has one good eye right now, so I'll say goodbye for now. XOXO. 

Feb 16, 2016

The unofficial title for this episode is "MAD MAX V: THE LEGEND OF HYUNDAI BECKWITH." It's the fifth episode, folks! Today, we talk to indie darling EDDI FRONT about her new record MARINA. Then, Zac and Morgan talk about what constitutes a folk opera, what constitutes a jam band, and how some guys are really into harmonicas. Later, Zac goes to a bar with David Murphy to talk about some of the weirder ways to make YouTube your go-to music player, and test your sanity at the same time. Morgan and Zac chat some more, and in between, Zac shares five top five lists. BECAUSE IT'S EPISODE 5! Do you get it? DO YOU?

Follow Eddi and Morgan on Twitter: @eddifront and @mildrevolution!

Thanks for listening, dudes!

Feb 8, 2016

Today is Primary Day in New Hampshire, so it's time we talk about politics. First, Zac and Chelsea spend a little time talking about why politics and creativity make such an awkward creative fit for overly self-aware 28-year-olds. Later, Zac and Dan journey to ABC's Democratic Presidential Debate, where Zac talks to protestors, supporters, and reticent campaign staffers. Then, Zac, Dan, and Ian witness the icy wonders of the media filing room, and throw themselves into the Spin Room with the energy of a Martin O'Malley supporter.

Today's episode features the voices of Zac Little, Chelsea Fisher, Dan Freund, Ian Servin, many protestors and rally-goers, Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, David Muir, Bernie Sanders, George Stephanopoulos, several campaign surrogates for the now-defunct Martin O'Malley campaign, Robby Mook, Barney Frank, Jeanne Shaheen, and Steven DiSalvo, president of St. Anselm college.  I think that's all.

It also features music from The Mild Revolution--whose "7 For 7" series is currently underway. Seven free songs over seven days! Follow them on Twitter @mildrevolution

Feb 2, 2016

"I thought I already listened to the first episode of this podcast!" -You

Well, you're wrong! Allow me now to take you back to October 2015, when this episode is mostly set (there's a little timewarp at the end there, because I like to keep you on your toes). 

In today's episode, I wait at a library for my friend Dan, and talk about books with YouTube's Ophelia Dagger, who is actually a person named Chelsea Fisher, who has a novel that is coming out on March 1st. It's called WHEN WE WERE ALIVE, which is a dope title, and we'll talk more about it in a future episode (probably).

You can follow Chelsea on Twitter at @OpheliaDagger and you can follow Dan on Twitter at @MyFriendDan and I suggest you do both! 

I hope you are enjoying the show so far! Thanks for all the ratings and reviews! 

Jan 26, 2016

In today's ep, we talk about weddings, and linguistic trends among the clergy. Then, we talk about a different sort of marriage: the marriage between still images (made possible by persistence of vision theory) known as MOVIES. Feature Film! Cinema! Old Tinseltoes! Is that a thing?

First off, Zac and Christy share theories in some field recordings from the New Hampshire Film Festival. Next, Zac has a lengthy chat with Paul Neafcy, author and videomaker.

Paul's novel THE PRINCESS AND THE FOOL is available now. Follow him on Twitter! @pneafcy.  

Jan 20, 2016

Welcome to THE LAST PODCAST. In today's episode, we discuss the merits of bad ideas. Along the way, we conduct an audio review of office furniture, get lost in the city, and stage a radio play version of a claymation cartoon that will never exist. 

Today's episode features the voices of David Murphy, Ryan "PleasantRyan" O'Connor, Alex Christensen, Morgan Little, Christina Little, Karen Perkins, official podcast dog Shoshanna Orion Little, and various members of the band Except After Sea.