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The Last Podcast is a field recordings-based, post-modern-ish podcast from Zac Little.
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Mar 28, 2017

Today's episode features the voices of Max Wallace, Morgan Little, and Brittany McGuire. 

Today we have a little interlude, as I work on finishing a few more, longer episodes. 

Thanks for your questions! I'll probably do another one of these soon, so send questions to or email me a voice memo. 

Thanks for listening!

Mar 21, 2017

Today's episode features the voices of Michael Penney, Graham Combes, Don Perkins, and Christy Little. It features music from Morgan Little, Zac Little, and Christy Little

This episode is about beer, but you don't have to be a beer person to enjoy it. It could be about any other craft. And when I say craft, I am aware that some people use that as a distinction from "art." But I don't really think that is important here, or usually ever. 

In today's episode, my 2016 resolution to only drink locally sends me on a mission to get to know my local beer scene a little better.

Michael Penney's website:

Lone Wolfe Brewing Company on Facebook:


Mar 14, 2017

Today's episode features the voices of David Connerley Nahm, Russ Grazier, Christy Little, and David Murphy. 

In today's episode, Zac moves a mattress.

Also, he talks to Russ Grazier about David Bowie's relationship to jazz, and to David Connerley Nahm about naming characters in novels and his time working with the band Sorry About Dresden.

Also, the whole thing is a prolonged exploration of the name David, and an awards ceremony for The Hall Of Davids, which is an award/psychic shrine to people named David all over the world.

Thanks to Russ, who is @rgrazier on twitter, and David Nahm, who is @DCNahm. David's novel, Ancient Oceans Of Central Kentucky, is on sale from Two Dollar Radio. Here's NPR's Review:

You can follow Christy at @christyelittle and David Murphy at @drmurphy29. Please be advised that he mostly livetweets Jeopardy. 

Some of the music from this episode (and previous episodes) can be found at If you buy it you can use it for whatever you want. It's a great way to funnel cash to this fledgling organization we call a podcast.  

Mar 7, 2017

Today's episode features the voices of: MICHAEL STASIUK, RUSS GRAZIER, YAARA BEN DOR, and CHRISTY LITTLE. 

It features music from the PMAC TEEN JAZZ ENSEMBLE. 

Hi! Season three is finally starting! Thanks for sticking around. Today, we talk to the artist Michael Stasiuk in a conversation that was adapted from a talk he gave in December titled "Process & Inspiriation." We also talk to the director of the Portsmouth Music And Art Center, Russ Grazier, about what the school does and how he goes about arranging a jazz number. Finally, we talk to Yaara Ben Dor about her work as a Preservation Assistant and the strange way her work intersects with her past. 

I'll be posting some relevant images on today, but here are some other links:

Yaara is on twitter @yaarabendor and Russ is @rgrazier. Christy is @christyelittle